East London has the highest burglary rates in the UK

A recent independent study from Moneysupermarket has found Ilford in East London has the highest burglary rate in the UK.

Reported in the Guardian and the Evening Standard, the national study was based on the insurance quotes of 1.8m applications over the last two years. It found that homes in the IG4 postcode (stretching between Redbridge and Gants Hill) were the highest ranking areas  for burglaries in the whole of the UK.  While London dominated the top 20 list, areas close to Redbridge including Barkingside, Goodmayes and Hainault were also ranked amongst some of the worst areas in Britain for burglaries.

East London postcodes in the top 20 include:

1. IG4 – Ilford: Redbridge
3. RM6 – Romford: Chadwell Heath, Marks Gate, Little Heath, Goodmayes (north), Hainault (south)
5. IG5 – Ilford: Clayhall
16. IG2 – Ilford: Gants Hill, Newbury Park, Aldborough Hatch
19. IG6 – Ilford: Barkingside, Fullwell Cross, Hainault (south), Fairlop

What does this mean for you?

Houses in these higher-risk areas are likely to have greater insurance costs. The study further found that the value of insurance for jewellery, watches and gadgets had grown in recent years.

Protecting your valuables:

Small removable items of value are the biggest targets for burglars. This includes jewellery of precious metals and gems, watches, important documents such as passports and collectables. Burglars know the most common areas where people are likely to store their valuables and in recent times, now also sweep houses with metal detectors. This enables them to easily find items of high value quickly and efficiently.

Taking photographs of your possessions will help improve the chances of recovering them. These can also be used for insurance claims should you become a victim of theft.  You must ensure your house has sufficient insurance coverage to cover all contents in order to mitigate any losses. However, raising the insurance coverage for valuables stored at home may cause your insurance premium to increase. Storing your valuables off-site in a safe deposit box can help to reduce your home insurance. See our guide at the bottom of this article.

How can I protect my home?

We understand how a burglary can cause trauma and affect victims emotionally and financially. We have complied a list of useful tips from the Metropolitan Police to help protect your home and valuables from.

  1. Consider fitting your home with an alarm. Burglars do not want to be seen or heard.
  2. External lighting. Bright motion detecting lights at the front and rear of your house will deter thieves from targeting your home.
  3. Windows and doors. Ensure your windows and doors are well constructed and that all the locks function correctly.
  4. Internal lighting. Using timers on your lights and television will make it look like someone is at home.
  5. Keep valuables hidden. Once burglars enter a property, they do not stay for very long. A simple way to protect your valuables is to store them securely out of site.

How can Foreversafe help?

Storing your valuables away from home in a secure vault such as ours can help to reduce your home insurance premium as well as provide you with complete peace of mind.

Our Grade 10 facility is certified with the highest resistance grade in Europe. No public vault in Europe is more secure than ours.

Surprisingly, many national banks have begun to withdraw their safe deposit box facilities causing a shortage in secure storage facilities. Based in Manor Park, less than 4 miles from IG4 and 2.5 miles from Ilford Station, our facility uses biometric identification including fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. Each safe deposit box is individually alarmed and our purpose built vault is protected with 24/7 security linked directly to the Metropolitan Police. Find out more about our security processes.

Once you have your own safe deposit box, inform your insurance company, providing them with the safety credentials of the facility. They may be able to reduce your risk rating and therefore reduce your contents insurance premium.

Do you know someone who could benefit from a safe deposit box?

If you are already a Foreversafe customer, you could receive £20 cashback for every time you refer family and friends who open an account with us. The more you refer, the more you earn.

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