Highest level security

Our vault is certified with the highest resistance grade in Europe. No public vault in Europe is more secure than ours.

The security processes we employ are state-of-the art and as you would expect, we do not reveal them in detail. However you can rest assured we offer:

  • Grade 10 certified vault resistant to diamond core drilling and explosives
  • Multi-layered personal identification including biometrics and facial recognition
  • Foreversafe is monitored 24/7 with every locker individually alarmed
  • Chubb Centurion protected breach-proof vault – European standard EN 1143-1
  • World leading computer controlled locker facility
  • Lockers available in 4 sizes to meet your needs
  • Lockable and secure viewing facilities for complete privacy
  • Unlimited access during opening hours at no additional costs
  • Unaccompanied access into the vault
  • We use an independent specialist insurance broker

Foreversafe is a member of the Safety Deposit Association and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Better than a bank

The banking sector has largely withdrawn safe deposit services in recent years, despite a reported rising demand from the public. Increasing costs and complexity have been cited as reasons for the move, which has left many high streets without secure custody facilities.

Yet now, more than ever, people need to secure valued possession safely.

Foreversafe helps meet that need.

We offer something banks cannot provide:

Time, space, privacy, uncompromising security and safety, customer service, and focus. Our procedures have been carefully constructed to provide maximum personal safety and peace of mind for customers and protection from any unauthorised access.